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    Anet a8 Def error ohm reading


    I just finished building my Anet A8 printer. The first print worked fine, I set it to "cooldown", then unplugged it after a few mins. Now, a few hours later, it will no longer print. Both temps say "def".

    I have:
    Soldered the heatbed wires on the heatbed
    Re-soldered the thermistor on the heatbed

    The ohms are as follows: Extruder; 110-120k ohm
    Heatbed: 55-59k ohm

    When the heatbed is connected to the mobo, it measures 5.7k ohm. The extruder measures 16-17ohm when connected.

    Any suggestions?


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    Both should read around 100k at room temp. There have been issues with the resistors and capacitors having bad solder joints. I would first get ahold of who you bought it from and see if they'll send you a new motherboard.

    Check the bed connection to get them in check. Only take an OHM reading with them unplugged.

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    Just did some more troubleshooting...

    Soo, new firmware. Now it shows: 364C extruder, 36C heatbed. The heatbed is a bit too high, but it responds to heat (goes upp to 43C when I hold the thermistor). When I plug the extruder thermistor into the heatbed socket, it shows 24C, and goes upp to 34C when I hold it. Now, to the odd part, the extruder always shows 364C, no matter if it is plugged in or not.

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    If you have a soldering iron and a steady hand, you can try reflowing the capacitors and resistors. All of them circled in the picture.

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    Could that help?

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    Yes. The far left side is the Extruder, then bed, Z endstop, Y and X. If you don't do them all now, you might end up with endstop warnings later down the road.

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    Reflow done. Now extruder says 295C. Maybe less shorting, or something like that? Ill try another reflow now.

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    Also, "long" beep when I put the multimeter on both pins on E_T; but not on the others.

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    Seems like its C47 that is broken, from what I can tell. I assume that is a capacitor? Can I switch it for any capacitor, or do I need a specific one?

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    I'm sure you need a specific one, just not sure which. I think I read about bypassing it completely. I'll try and find that post.

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