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    I went ahead and bypassed it. Started upp, but now both extruder and heatbed are showing wrong temps.

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    LOL, found out it is a 100k capacitor. Unjumper it, does the heat bed read right again?

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    Ok, so random capacitor did the trick. However, now the heatbed is showing wrong temp, but the extruder is working.

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    Didn't accidently mess up the heat bed caps or resistors, did you? Don't rule out your wiring on the bed.

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    Probably did mess the heatbed capacitor upp, hehe. Going to try another reflow on it, if that doesnt work; new capacitor (ill use the same one that I put on the extruder, it seems to work well)

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    I dont know how, but new capacitor did the trick. Both temps now working!

    THanks for the help!

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    You bet!!

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    Stopped working again :/

    I have to check, the ones marked in yellow are capacitors, right?
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    Yes, those are the capacitors. Back to DEF errors?

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