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    Printing with TPU flexible filament

    So i've got a monoprice selectmini and i've been fighting with this flexible filament for about a week, I can't figure it out.

    my print looks like this:

    When it should look like this:

    I've printed it at many settings but that one was printed at 250 celsius and 30 mm/s

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    way way way too fast.
    Also probably too hot.

    Even on a good flexibles printer, you'll not get a decent print from a soft tpu at anything much over 10mm/s
    Also doesn't hurt to up the extrusion to 110-120%
    And make sure your retraction is fairly short. 1.8-2mm.

    But primarily, you're printing much too fast. Which is why the rubber has been deposited if fits and starts.

    Which brand tpu is it ?

    One way to fix this would be to buy some polyflex flexible pla.
    Not the cheapest but brilliant stuff for printing with.

    But going much slower with a bit more extrusion should also sort it.

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    I agree with CA, too fast. Flexibles generally don't print well (if at all) at regular print speeds. As well as lowering retraction, maybe turn it off entirely. Try a range of print temperatures too.

    Last but certainly not least, can you show us your extruder? Most extruders have a gap between the drive gear and where the filament enters the hotend, flexible filament tends to buckle in this area.

    It might also be worth checking if your hotend is a bit (not fully) clogged or jammed, as flexibles seem a bit more sensitive to resistance to flow in the hotend because of the aforementioned buckling issue.

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    Flexible(Tpu) filament is hard for printing. Not all the printer could support this type of material. According to the printed photo, tpu material could be printed, just in the detail cannot be printed well. You could reduce the refill density for trial.

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