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    3D Printer

    What is the Best 3D printer of your choice?

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    My choice would be a leapfrog bolt. Like a bnc sigma but bigger, prettier and fully enclosed :-)

    I'm pretty sure blue king is a spammer of some kind - just haven't worked out his angle yet.

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    i think the large size and high prcesion are most important.
    for example this one:

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    Hi. Nowadays 3D printing technology is very much popular in every industry. Due to the high demand and precision it takes to build these intricate machines. Some 3d printers are:
    1. Peachy Printer
    2. MakiBox
    3. Printrbot
    4. Phoenix 3D Printer
    5. Romscraj
    6. The Buccaneer
    7. Solidoodle
    8. RigidBot
    9. RoBo
    10. Deezmaker Bukito Mini
    According to me I took service from Iannone 3D, which uses in-house Stratasys Fortus printers as well as our network of large-envelope printers for 3D Printing Service in the New Jersey area. Thanks.

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    yes,your opinion is very correct.3D printing technology has been very popular now.but i don't understand your words "large-envelope printers"service well.can you please send me your website?or whether have the cooperation opportunity for us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by makemy3dprints View Post
    A 3D printer can make almost anything from metal machine parts to plastic toys, fancy chocolate, stoneware vases, cakes etc.

    do you have the interest to sell our printer? our store link:https://reprap3dprinters.aliexpress....ore/1832054.if yes,you can contact with me on the Aliexpress or the skype.our skype is

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    Ultimaker 3 has unprecedented quality, also for the dual extruder this is the best FFF machine.
    My second choice is the new BCN3D Sigma. UM2 comes in third.

    Lulzbot TAZ printers are also great but not easily available in Europe.

    I am currently researching the Wanhao Duplicator 5s mini, it seems the best value for money but the cons are:
    - Proprietary nozzles and software
    - Some machines come with slight defects and they do not accept returns
    - Bowden system filament extruder does not feed very well without modifications

    For those preferring 1.75mm filament, look at the Formbot T-Rex with an incredible build size and great quality.

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