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    I couldn't get the PLA working properly, jams too easily. If I heat up the hotend, extrude stuff a bit and let it just sit there like 10 seconds or more, it's already jamming. Works when printing larger parts but small details are no-go. I'll probably need to purchase another hot end if I want to print PLA.

    So I switched to PETG, which works without problems. Benchy:

    Also I did some refactoring on the racks and motor mounts, they had bit too much of looseness and I moved one connector a bit as it was causing and unnecessary hole on the side. Also added a tie groove to help aligning multiple parts.
    This time I printed the pieces from black PETG; I want to see if PETG would be better material for the rack setup. It's bit more flexible than PLA. Moving the slide manually seems that it does move more freely than PLA when both are moved without lubricant. Will be testing this once I get it installed on the X-axis properly.

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    Been busy with other stuff, but did manage to get new Y-axis parts printed using PETG:

    Also designed and printed a jig for aligning the rack parts. Works fine and it's all printed parts:

    I used soldering iron to fuse the parts together so the parts don't move in use.
    The new racks seems to move more smoothly. I printed few rose stems and the results are quite good:

    There were few skipped steps on the other print, I loosened the Y-mount a bit and set stepper amps bit higher and seems to be working fine now.

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