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    Designing & Printing a futuristic Airsoft Rifle from Scratch - Video

    Hey guys,

    I thought I would share my latest project with you. In this video I show you how I succesfully designed and 3D printed a working airsoft rifle, the M-1 Enforcer.
    It features a commercially available gearbox in a bulky bullpup design and does take Standard M4 Airsoft Magazines. Moreover, it also has a fire-selector, rail space, a light module, seperable lower- and upper receiver and much more!

    Note: This is 100% my own design and I had no previous CAD experience before working on this!


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    Great project! PM sent

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    Very cool and great work! What did you design it in?

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    Thanks, guys.
    I mainly designed it in TinkerCAD as I found it to be one of the simplest but accurate applications for my needs. Currently working on a more elaborate improved version in Designspark Mechanical.

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