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    Artist Plans To Crush His Father's Skull, Use it to 3D Print a Replica of His Own

    Artists and researchers are always at the forefront of developing new technologies, and their investigations can lead to some controversial outcomes like 3D printed guns and masks meant to foil surveillance methods. In the case of Lee Wagstaff, are you convinced that art like his has a place or is it simply hype meant to generate some publicity? And for that matter, do you really believe that Wagstaff plans to grind up his father's skull, or is his announcement just a provocation? You can read the details of Wagstaff's controversial project here:

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    Wow, I hope he uses an industrial printer. Cause it'll be awkward when he only has enough filament for one print on a desktop printer and the extruder clogs

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    I'm guessing his dad used the metal end of the belt when he was growing up... sounds quite morbid and as 'innovative" as the guy who stuffed his cat and turned it into a quadcopter.
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