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    Print not sticking to base plate?

    Hi all..
    I have an Anycubic Photon Mono 2 and so far Ive only printed very small components/objects (around 5mm x 10mm in volumes of maybe 50) but many times the print fails or semi fails because it does not fully stick to the base, and half/part of it has unstuck during printing
    I am using Anycubic 3d printer resin
    I want to print a much larger object which will be two solid blocks one with dimensions of (130mm x 50mm x 15mm) with 1mm holes through it, and another a little smaller (100mm x 30mm x 8mm), and so both will fit on base (143mm x 89mm)
    Ive played around with settings but Im not sure if they are correct (see attached pics)
    Can anyone please advise why its not sticking to base plate, and do I need to change some settings?
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    Hi again
    Sorry for the above post.. It was obvious that I hadnt looked at the settings for the resin. I have now set them as advised to - Bottom Exposure: ~60s; Normal Exposure: ~8s but even with this I was still getting a similar problem! However, I have managed to get one out of three prints which stayed stuck to the base plate
    I am trying to print a flat peice (see pic) with holes in it which are 0.8mm 1mm, 1.4mm & 1.8mm
    This print though has srinkage which i am working on fixing through changing the dimensions of the holes using tinkercad before printing
    is it normal for what I am trying to do to have the holes filled in with cured resin just on the surface and is there a solution to this
    The other thing even though the print stayed stuck to the base plate it seems warped on the edges even though the holes are stright
    I am just a newbie.. please !! anyone with any advice very much appreciated!


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    this is what I am trying to printCapture1.JPG
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