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    Qidi x-cf pro network issues.

    I first connected my printer to a wired network, and it seemed ro work great for a few days. Qidi print found it no problem. After a few days, i had to refresh in qidi print to find it, but it worked. It progressively got worse. Then, no go at all. I slipped to wifi, and it wirked better for a time. Now, nuthin. Wont connect at all. Any ideas? Seems to be a big issue in forums. Didnt see a thread with a real solution. Im using a ubiquiti network.

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    BTW, address pings just fine. QIDI print doesnt find it.

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    I guess nobody has this problem, or doesnt care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martinav View Post
    I guess nobody has this problem, or doesnt care.
    I suppose only people who actually have the same printer with the same problem could answer that !!!

    I only use a USB thumb drive on mine, perhaps email Qidi at the email address on the side of the printer.

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