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    Qidi x-cf pro head cover dragging.

    Help! What do i do about this? I have not had it apart yet. Only done 2 prints.


    I took the cover off, and it looks like these top 2 screws are not engaged. Actually they look too short. I scoured youtube and any other source for some instructions on how to swap the hot/cold ends. I did not find anything. Nothing in the manuals either. I feel like the previous user used the wrong screws here, and it just let go. Is there anything out there that can help me see that this is installed proper?? I find it strange that not even qidi has any documentation on this thing with regards to the printhead swaps.
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    The screws look the same as mine.
    If you PM me your email address I will try and send you what instructions that come on the thumb drive with the printer. Or email Qidi email address on the side of the printer for the operating instructions.

    There seems to be a lot of powder dust round the extruder, I had this when using PLA with the hardened nozzle in the high temp extruder, possible that hardened nozzles are not good for PLA.

    To remove extruder.... Remove the thumb screws top and sides, turn power off and unplug the ribbon cable from the extruder. The thumb screws actually only engage a few threads at the end.
    Undo the three screws on top of the extruder and behind the gantry rail and the four screws on top at the front, the extruder will drop into your hand.

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    The dust looks to be coming from the cover dragging on the gantry as it traverses. I didnt notice this when i started prints, and i didnt even have the print fail. It finished a 10hr print like this. It even autoleveled fine. But, i was not to pleased with the roughness of the print, which could explain why. So i wonder if these screws backed out durint printing, but if it did, the nozzle wpuld have dropped like 3-5mm. I think that would have made a big issue in the print. But, i didnt hear the cover rubbing either so i dont know.

    As long as you saybthe screws are correct i will attempt to rejnstall the head and gobthrough full level again.

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    When new that printer would have had a thumb drive with several how-to videos on it.
    If you didn't get that, I can try and email you what was on mine.

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    Yes, I found the videos. Thanks for that detail.Come to find out, this was the easy problem. I cant get a damn thing to stick to any bedplate I put in it. Even new ones. New thread coming. Sadly, it will have rage in it.

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