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    Missing filement a few places

    Hi all.I am 3d printing on my anycubic kobra neo.Maybe im in small shoes, but i get 4-5 places in the layer, where it isent filled out, witch results in some gaps in the layer line.Is it just underextrution ?I am using Cura 5.3.0Some settings :Layerheight 0.2Wallthickness 1.2mmtop/bottom 1.2mmInfill 30 %Speed 50Flow 101Nozzle temp 210Bed temp 60Nekkos
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    Could well be under extrusion, but also check........

    Nozzle for any clogs.
    Extruder for any signs of clogged teeth, usually particles of filament scattered around from filament grinding.
    Filamant route to extruder for possible snagging.

    I don't use Cura but there is a setting in Prusa slicer for extrusion multiplier where you can adjust the extrusion in increments between 0.9 and 1.1, might be something similar in Cura

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