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    Extruder for heated chamber

    Hello everybody, I started to work on a DIY FDM printer with a heated chamber. As I want it to work up to 100°C, the thoughest challenge is finding parts that withstand these temperatures. Since google didn't answer this question so far, are there extruders around that can be used up to these temperatues? I'm not worried about the motor, as it can be replaced with a high temperature stepper. But all extruders I considered so far seem to have plastic parts, that might not withstand these temperatures for long. Thank you for your ideas!

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    MicroSwiss do a range of Metal extruders.

    Bear in mind the hot end will probably require a cooling fan and also perhaps a part cooling fan, both of which are usually plastic in a plastic housing

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    Thank you, I will check them out. For the hotend, I'm opting for the Dragon water hotend WHF, it's watercooled, so no problem there. Not quite cheap, but the whole project will be expensive anyway...
    The part cooling fan is something I haven't quite figured out yet. There are some fans that are resistant to these temperatures on Digikey though.

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