V Minion$600
Mechanical Kit
Chc Pro Hotend
Volcano Spacer
Sherpa Micro
Delta 4028 Fan
Mellow 4010 Hotend Fan
Inductive Probe
Honeybadger rails xyz
Black and Hot Pink Asa printed parts
Igus wire
Cable Chains
Gates belts
Keenovo Bed Heater
Note : Missing psu and mainboard
Note : Potential E Issues (I was having some odd extrusionartifacts, and just never got around to tracking them down)
Note : Will need new set of feet
Note : May need new set of part cooling ducts

Kp3s 1$100
Note : Motherboard modified for UART
Note : Potential Z/E Issues
Note : Klipper installed (I can reinstall Marlin if you need)

Kp3s 2$50
Note : For Parts

RatrigPEI $25
Ferrules+ Crimper $25
Iwiss0626B wire strippers $20
Iwiss2820 crimpers $20
Adxl345w/ attached wires $10
5lbnevermore carbon $15
CorsoiFood Dehydrator/Filament Dryer $45
FoldableEnclosure $50
BTTTFT35E3 V3.0 $20

?Some prices are negotiable. Shoot me an offer.