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    New Artillery Sidewinder x2 Issues with the first layer print. Help please *SOLVED*

    I have issues with my 1st layer. I did before the issue started make 3 prints that had great 1st layers. Then this started to happen. I have leved the bed 3 times and nozzle is not scraping the bed. I cleaned the bed as well. Temperature on bed is 70 °C and on Extruder 200 °C.
    Even a line is not a line when it extrudes the pla. But in a wave shape.
    Please help.

    The larger the object the more heat you need on the bed. The PLA cools down to fast to bond with when the extruder comes back from the oposite side.
    The PLA then gets lose on the previous line and will break when cooling down like in the picture.

    The waves on the PLA line are easy to fix after i deleted and added the printer again on my slicer (To many parameters changed during try to get the perfect print by suggestion of friend.).
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