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    Question Stringing after spending 1 week on calibration

    Hey guys,
    Its been a week now when I started to fight with ender 5 PRO settings in Cura and Creality Slicers to prevent it from stringing.
    Ender 5 Pro
    eSUN PLA+ Black
    0,4mm nozzle
    60 - bed temp
    225 - filament temp
    70 - first layer bed temp
    0,2mm -layer height
    0,2mm - initial layer height
    Optimize wall print order - ON
    Infill Density - 10%
    Print speed - 100
    Travel speed - 250
    Wall speed - 50
    Retraction - 4mm
    Retraction speed - 40mm/2
    Combining - not in skin
    Avoid printed parts when traveling - ON
    Avoid support when traveling - ON
    Wall ordering - Outside to Inside
    Z Seam - Sharpest corner
    I have tried to change the settings many, many times with better or worse results but still cannot figurate why some things are happening to the print.
    I also printed about 20 calibration models, including temperature towers, stringing pyramids, stringing silos, etc.
    I’ve probably changed so many settings that I’m starting to lose track of what does what.
    I am sharing my latest photo of stringing test, my current CURA profile and asking you - masters of printing for help, because next I will need to print new hair cause im starting to loose mine…
    CURA Profile:
    Photo: IMG20230917122240.jpg

    Thank you in advance guys!
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    Ok, so i went through this changes: it solved the problems.Also I dryed the filament.

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