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    Curing PA12-CF parts

    What set-ups do people use to anneal PA12-CF parts? Looking to process said parts and read that depending on the part size it needs to oven cure at 80 degC for 8-12 hours. Obviously the wife won't like that and the only winner will be the energy companies! If I lived outside the UK I could leave it outside! The parts in question are for an R&D project which were originally printed in PLA with some parts using PA12-CF for endurance. The usual route would be machined from billet but there is scope to print parts for low volume numbers as alot cheaper, £5 PA12-CF versus machined ally at £121. To justify this I'd need to factor in the hourly energy cost rate.

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    what are the specs of the part that would require the CF, will 910 nylon or ABS do in pace of the composite? I have only used CF once and it was very inclined to warp compared to the 910, but it was more ridged

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