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    MODIX Big Meter Assembly

    I recently purchased a Modix Big Meter through HartSmart and two days after everything came in they no longer work with Modix and can't provide me with the 1 year support I was promised. I am trying to assemble this thing and the instructions/videos provided by Modix online skips steps and half of the bags aren't even labeled. Even more frustrating, there was no physical instruction manual provided.
    I was able to get in contact via phone to Modix and they informed me that there is no company/person in the USA that offered support for this machine anymore. I have emailed requesting a PDF of the instructions and asked again if ANYONE in the USA can service/assemble this with me. I am even willing to fly someone out here if it comes down to it that has assembled one before. This is for the company I work for, not me personally. We are based in Southern USA.
    Any ideas? We're at a loss here.

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    I’m thinking about buying one of these. Did you get it put together and printing? Thanks. -Nick in Colorado

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