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    Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro Missing Build Plate?

    Hi I recently bought a 2nd hand Adventurer 3 Pro and it seems to work fine, I was able to print a test object, but I think it is missing a part from the heated bed. Is there supposed to be a removable part that the object is printed on? If so can someone point me in the direction of what I need. Thanks James.
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    According to Flash Forge ( there should be a glass build plate on the heated platform.

    The glass piece is available here: (


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    Isn't that what I have in my photo? I thought that there might be something else on top like this But I think I have found the answer, apparently the "pro" model has the glass plate which is printed directly onto. I should have read the manual properly
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    If you have the glass plate (I couldn't tell for sure from the photo), then yes, you have everything.The Heated bed Flex Build Plate Stickers in your link are for an optional stainless steel flex plate that doesn't come with the Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro.Glass gives a super smooth finish, where the sticker material on the flex plate will have a somewhat rough finish.Glass can sometimes be hard to get the first layer to stick properly without hairspray or glue stick, where as with the flex plate sticker things stick very well, and you'll need to flex the plate to get prints to release.Printing dice for example, with glass looks great. Printing dice on the flex plate leaves one side of the dice with a rough finish.Glass by far gives a better finish to the bottom layer, so you're all set to make super nice prints.

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    Well I had some problems getting stuff off the glass plate at the end of the print but I gave it a good clean with alcohol and it seems to be better now. One thing I did notice is I can't seem to get the camera working. Anyone else have problems with it? Not a big deal really.

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