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    Ender 5 Pro Sunlu PLA+ Print Failure

    Hello everyone, I'm new. Like many, I'm sure, I'm resorting to forums to find help. All the usual web search solutions turn up nothing that has helped. So, I have an Ender 5 Pro as the title says, and I have used Sunlu PLA+ fairly extensively, and default back to it for most new prints because of familiarity. Now the problem first started occurring when I was using some different Rainbow Silk filaments, Sunlu and ttyt 3D, which I got to print what I wanted, more failures than I was used to, but on switching back to Sunlu PLA+ I seemed to have nothing but trouble. This lead me to think I messed up my settings, but I climbed through all of them and even went back to square one on a few AND I added a heater to he room with the printer (thinking it could be the winter weather) and the problem is the same.The prints will do well up to about 1/2" in height then they diamante and create horrible bird-nesting. Because of this, I insulated the bed with fiberglass tape, replaced the boden tube, replaced the drive wheel with a tool steel one, and none of it has had any effect whatsoever.Please see attached, and please help!I also thought it could still be the lower temps in the house, and today being a warm day I am taking a stab at it again! I'll report back with more results. Pictures dumped here:
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    The rats nest is frequently caused by the print coming loose.

    Can only suggest to thoroughly clean the bed with some IPA before each print.
    Also a bed level check using one of the many downloadable tests.

    Your initial layer height of 0.1 seems a bit low to me and could possibly result in very little filament stuck to bed in places.
    Try bed and nozzle temps in the middle of the manufacturers recommended ones.
    Also try a basic PLA slicer profile without any changes to see if that helps.

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    My print from yesterday with the warmer weather, warmer house failed in the same way. I should also mention that it also seems to be stringing much more than it used to. The bottom part of the prints are stuck to the bed like concrete. Removing the sheet from the bed, after cooling, they still require some persuasion to remove. I should have mentioned that I use a PEI sheet, and a BL touch probe. The low layer height to start is what I have found works well for that initial layer stick with my PEI sheet. I'll do some test prints with all the recommended settings and mid-line temps, and report back.

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