We would like to share a fun project we completed for a company called Airforce Velocity Stacks based in Alberta, Canada. Airforce was re-designing a throttle body to boost engine performance and was looking for someone to 3D print their design. Their challenge was that the prototypes needed to be precise and robust enough to test right on the snowbike, where they were exposed to the heat of the engine and cold, wet winter conditions. Tempus collaborated with some design partners to scan the original part and modify the design to their specifications, and chose to 3D print the rototypes with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology with Nylon 12, so we did not risk warping or cracking of the final product during testing. It was also very affordable compared to the alternatives.Air Force Velocity - snow bike part - 3D printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion by Tempus 3D - 2.jpgAir Force Velocity - snowmobile parts - 2.1.jpg We are happy to say the parts worked out great, and they were fun to build. You can see more at https://www.tempus3d.com/post/airfor...h-industry-4-0.