Hi everyone, I am new here, but not exactly new to 3d printing. I've had and used a Flashforge Dreamer for the last 4 years or so. It's not perfect, but I have gotten it to the point where it prints reliably for me most of the time, and the results are satisfactory.
I purchased and Ender 3 Pro this week and set it up yesterday. Once it was assembled I printed something off the card that came with it and I was VERY pleased with the print. But when I try to print my own designs, something is off. They seem to print well, but what is printing doesn't match up with the slicer. I feel like it must be something in the slicer since on the Dreamer I was slicing in Flashprint, and I haven't been able to use that with the Ender. But I don't know what it is. For instance in the print/slice shown (sorry for the rushed photos) The holes shown in the slicer are nice and round and it makes this weird little oval things, and the edge of the print isnt connected to the body most of the way up the side. Any suggestions where to start digging into this are appreciated. Normally when Ive had slicer trouble I go back to my model and clean up anything that may need cleaning up, but this model has printed well via Flashprint and the slice in Prusaslicer seems to be what I would expect, so I don't know what is breaking down between there and the print.
IMG_20221025_141805.jpg IMG_20221025_161115.jpg