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    Temp doesn't make it to ready temp

    I am trying to fix a Geeetech i3 Pro C printer for a friend. When I try to print something, the temp rises up just short of the required temperature and then varies +1 and -1 but always just below the required temp. I checked MaxTemp and it is far above what is required (PLA, 215). Where should I start in figuring out what is wrong?

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    use IR temp reader to see what bed actually is

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    Quote Originally Posted by tombauer View Post
    use IR temp reader to see what bed actually is
    The problem isn't the bed temp, it's the extruder - at least according to the software. But, so i check it - then what?

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    check temp sensor for extruder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tombauer View Post
    check temp sensor for extruder?
    So... then what? You're not answering my question. If I check the bed or extruder for temp another way, as you suggest - if it corroborates what the software says, then what do I do? If it says the software is correct, again, what do I do?

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    So if you tell it to heat to 80, it heats to 79 and does not go to next function? what if you tell it to heat to 60 does it heat to 59? reload the firmware of the printer? put a potentiometer in place of temp sensor to see if you can manipulate the reading that way and trick it.

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    That's correct - it heats to -1 -2 -3 below, then (forever) it goes down one, up one, vacillates, but never gets up to the heating temperature. Doesn't go to next function. No trick helps, if I set it to less, it simply does the same relative thing.

    I'll try reloading the firmware, I'm not skilled enough to put a pot in place of the sensor. BTW, this particular machine (not mine) has two extruders and one is broken. (I am sure I'm reading the good one) Would replacing the extruder be the fix, and where's a good place to get a new one? This is a GeeeTech PI3 Pro C.

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    sounds like a software issue but really that machine is so cheap it is not worth wasting time on. just buy something better.

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