Seeking a tinkerer/creative mind for an accessibility improvement project for a physically disabled professional. I have a neuromuscular disease that causes my muscles to be underdeveloped. I feel everything but I am unable to move much. Assistive technology has changed my life and allowed me to become a professional contributing member of society in the world because with it I have been able to maximize what little physical movement I have.

I am looking for someone to help design additional support pieces for my wheelchair that will increase comfort and independence. I am also looking for pieces of equipment that I can use as “elbow supports” that will allow me to have additional support in my wheelchair. I have several 3D printed add-ons and I am seeking modification/more.

Why this approach you might ask? Contrary to popular belief, there is an incredibly limited amount of choice when it comes to mass-produced assistive technology/wheelchair parts (and an even more limited amount of qualified people specializing in wheelchair/body mechanics). My body is very custom shaped, and I am seeking parts/supports that are equally customized. Currently I have 3D printed chest supports, but because I have gotten bigger/grown the supports no longer provide comfort/usability. Also, the person who helped me create the first round of parts no longer lives near me.

What this project would require: first we would have to meet. I would like you to assess my situation so I can show you the exact problems and issues I am facing. From there I would like you to 3D model/CAD a prototype system for testing. Then I would like to try it out. The goal is to fabricate something that can be usable – and for long-term use.

The ideal skill set: access to a 3D printer for prototyping, design experience, engineering, creative thinking, some understanding of body mechanics. The final products can be professionally printed using 3D hubs if necessary.

Even if you have no experience creating devices or parts that humans use on their body, I still encourage you to think about if you would be a good fit for this. Because ultimately what I am seeking is something that doesn’t currently exist in terms of a solution. I am seeking customized pieces of equipment for my wheelchair that will attach to my body to keep me upright, comfortable, and allow me to better use my wheelchair. If you are someone who has availability, enjoys solving problems, and can think creatively, this is a good job for you.

Budget: I am open-minded to pricing and understand that these things take time/hours to develop. I am more focused on getting this resolved as soon as possible more than anything and I am very appreciable of the fact that things cost money. I look forward to discussing the price for your time to accomplish this for me. My independence is very important to me and currently that is being threatened.

Location: I live in South Florida, and I would need you to be relatively close to me so that we could meet to discuss the project and that you could see my current physical situation. It would also be ideal that you live somewhat close to me so that you could install test products relatively easily. I have tried scenarios where things are sent back and forth to me and it’s very difficult to test that way.

If you are interested, please send me a note telling me about your experience and why you think you would be a good fit. From there we could do a quick call and decide if it would work out. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you.