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    Reduce outer diameter axis

    Have tried in Fusion 360 to reduce the outer diameter of the middle hollow axis by 0.7mm, i.e. from now approx. 16.5mm to new 15.8mm. The inner diameter of 8mm should remain the same.
    Unfortunately, I have not managed it
    Could someone help me and if possible immediately adjust the STL
    Have the STL (may be changed according to license) and a sketch attached.
    Thanks and best
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    Do you have the source file from which the STL was created?

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    No, unfortunately not.

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    Was this an openly available file from a 3D printing resource such as Thingiverse or Printables?

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    Give this a look. I was able to construct a hollow cylinder with the inside diameter to match your desired dimension, with an outside diameter only a millimeter or two. Importing your file and the cylinder into Fusion 360, I was able to use the combine/cut feature to trim away the segment as you've indicated.

    Meshmixer tells me the threaded features of the part are problematic, as does Fusion 360. Windows 10 3DBuilder ignores them, and I expect that the slicer you select will also ignore them.

    Let me know if this meets your requirements or if it needs adjustment.
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