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    Help T'shooting Cause of Warped Print

    Longer LK4 Pro (
    Fusion360 and Cura v4.11

    Each time I print the object below--70 x 32 x 8mm block with a few channels--the thing comes out warped as shown in the images. I've generated plenty of objects with this printer, and I've never experienced this problem before.

    I lowered/raised printer's plate temp; I increased/decreased Quality/Infill settings in Cura; I moved the print location on the plate--same result every time. I'm stumped.

    This is the extent of my troubleshooting knowledge, and now I reach out out for suggestions leading to a solution.
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    It looks like a case of poor adhesion to the build plate so you could try a print adhesive. I don't have a lot of problems with adhesion and print a lot of item s very similar to your design put sometimes a particular filament is difficult to print in which case I resort to Dimafix. Incidentally I use Tufnol (garolite in USA) as a print bed which works 99.9% of the time for PLA and Nylon filament without and adhesive.

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    Do you have the parts fan running starting with the second layer? Is it really PLA? Do you have another roll you know is good you can try? Sometimes thing get mislabeled, take the filament in your hands and bend the end over all the way If it turns white where it bends it may be ABS not PLA.
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