Disclaimer: I am VERY GREEN to this, so bear with me please.

Everything seems to be working, i think. When i home just Z, the print nozzle ends up on the bed, where i can barely pull a piece of paper out. I think its to low to be honest, but i dont know exactly how to fix that when the bltouch is in play.

My real problem though, or the end result of a problem somewhere, is that when i actually print, the print nozzle is 3mm off the bed, just spitting out filament in the air.

Auto bed leveling appears to be working, the BLtouch when retracted, is higher then the print nozzle, and when its extended, its below the print nozzle, which should be good.

Im fairly certain that means i just need to adjust the Z offset. I guess i just dont know the procedure, to get the print head in a place where it can be adjusted.

I am using the BTT TFT E3 v3.0 touch screen.

Any help, or a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.