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    Where can I get a custom 3D printed coin?Sorry if this thread is not correct for this

    Hello everyone

    I've been searching for a source where I can get a coin custom 3D printed. Basically I want to gift my nephew a personalized Silver coin with his photo 3D printed on it, for his 1st birthday. Please refer to any source that does this. Your help is very much appreciated.

    I'm sorry if this is not the right forum to ask for this information.

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    The Monterrey Company offers high quality 2D and 3D coins. We have several custom options available to help you create a truly unique coin. i think you will try at :

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    Hi! If you're looking for a US based company, I recommend that is where I got my coins made for our local VFW, they came out fantastic and the staff was great to work with, very fast to respond. They also offer custom 3D coins.

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    Don't actually give it to him unless it's too big to be swallowed. Minting a real coin, as those last couple of companies linked in the posts do, isn't likely to be very affordable, unless you want to make a whole lot of them. 3D printing directly in metal isn't going to be cheap either. The most economical path to this is to have a designer make up the 3D model (or do that yourself), have it printed in a high-resolution castable resin or wax, then send it to a casting service which is willing to do one-offs. Shapeways has a lot of designers on their site, and works with casting services as well.

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    You might also try your local library or university. They often have printers these days.

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    I would give him a gold coin... But to each his own....

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