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    I do encourage honest company, but I don't, when it comes to bragging and self-exageration; especially when it comes in rapid prototyping in early kickstarter campaign. I have seen too much people around me that get screwed by typical misuse of information propaganda.

    Because there are people in the busisness world that needs the claimed attributes/specification of the product.

    Which is why I totally despise dishonest company. (Which means nearly all existing company )

    My friend, I am also worried about you. It is safe bet to say you don't want to spend 5K $ and at the end of the day it is not working the way you expected.

    Now, because I myself has a self interest in the B9 and Titan, does anyone know the typical shrink, distortion from the resin when the product is completely done printing? My boss is looking for an SLA/DLP machine for aerospace research. That I did not find any information.

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    I'm the proud owner of a B9. I use it for models in 1/300 scale - a human is about 6mm high in this scale. Some more information here

    Every printer you buy will have some teething problems.The more mature the less problems and more people being able to help you, because they went through the same problems.

    Form specifies feature size while Kudo specifies pixel size. These are not the same !!!!!!!
    I'm comfortable to print features - something to stand alone with a height of some mm - with a size of 150um at a pixel resolution of 50um.
    But I'm not sure how Form defines a feature.
    25um z-steps are not bad, taking resin into consideration. It might be great to have 1um steps, but if you can't make use of it .....

    The paper form of the Form 1 might not look impressive, but it's aedequate. Together with the supposed maturity of the product It's good enough to make the Form 1 worth to be considered over the Titan.

    You could of course take a B9 and get the resolution of a Titan and the maturity of the Form.

    But no matter what the paper states, you will only know whether your decision was right when you used the printer for a month or so and have printed the models you want/need to print.

    It would be nice to have a database of printer owners willing to champion their printer - and if you could go to a champion with an typical stl and he shows you how to prepare it for print and finally get it printed on the machine, so you can guess how simple it is to get the job done and what result to expect.
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    Any review about Titan1? Pre-orders started in December...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FerGazz View Post
    Any review about Titan1? Pre-orders started in December...

    We have the Titan one will have a review by next week.

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    There is a Titan 1 from Kudo3d on eBay, item 301486606254 with photos of the full kit.

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    I have done maybe a dozen or so prints with my Titan 1. There is a learning curve, but the payoff is huge. It works awesome.
    It's as fast as you want to make it and you have a ton of control but there in lies the art of 3D printing. Just something I wanted to add to a thread that never had a conclusion.
    I'll post more samples after the next build of my website that is at

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Oh yeah, these are test prints. the Donkey is from thingiverse and the Yoda is part of the sample test prints from Kudo3D that came with the printer. These are medium resolution prints I did at 100µm xy and 50µz. Took 9 hours for these prints but I set it up to be ultraconservative could have doubled the speed probably.

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    All solid thoughts here. Good to see the pros v cons of both Titan 1 & Form 1+. Looking forward to more Titan owners thoughts as it slowly matures to market.

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    Check out our gallery:

    We printed biomedical tissue scaffolds for a biomedical research institute. It's only 1mm by 2mm! Additionally, we also can print the tallest up to 10 inches tall and have the biggest build volume for all desktop SLA 3D printers. (all can be seen in the gallery)

    If you have any further questions, you can ask email us at

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    Hi, is there a specific date for the Kickstarter launch of the Kudo3D Bean printer?

    I also would like to know if there are specific things to keep in mind with SLA printers regarding maintenance, material costs etc when compared to FDM.
    I want to use it for small prototypes so will be regularly using it.

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