I have been trying for months to convert my Pegasus 12 to a Dual extruder but have been hitting road blocks. I tried the Dual extruder kit on the Maker farm website and it was an exercise in frustration at best. I decided to try the Itty bitty Double Extruder by Clough42 (as i already had the motors and such it wasn't an expensive leap). However I keep hitting walls. Originally I found a post on this site asking if it will work on the Pegasus 12 from 2016, but I found out that the back plate for the X carriage is not the same as "all the other Maker farm printers" as was alluded to in the thread. I ended up designing and printing a back plate that allowed me to mount the IBDE to the printer. However the firmware available is for the I3v printers is will not work the Pegasus 12 ( I tried it and it wiped out the LCD and I had re flash the stock firmware to get it back). I did contact Clough42 and he informed me that the only firmware has has is for the i3v and gave me some information to incorporate into the stock configuration, but that is a problem as it generates errors during the compiling process... I've been trying to debug them with the help of google but hit an error I can't find a solution for. So the question is has anybody with a Pegasus 12" managed to the IBDE to work and if so can they share the config file they used (or i can upload mine if that will help). Thanks