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Thread: can't post?

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    can't post?

    This is a test more or less.

    Just signed up and am trying to make a post in the tech section but the site is saying i need to have 3 posts in order to post links. Problem is what I'm trying to post doesn't have links so I'm a little confused as to what the problem is.

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    So basically what do you need.

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    I had this issue too, twice. I wasn't posting links but the same error came up anyway. I used the back arrow and resubmitted and it went. So kmarts, you're officially -not- going nuts.

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    Same for me- no links but it won't accept my post

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    update- on another site I tried posting the same message but it rejected it for having a link- it identified a place where I had written "3 . Now" (without the spaces) as a link.

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    Simply try on another thread!

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    I'm new here, just to understand what you guys said, it means that first 3 posts are permitted only without links, right? And is there any approval of the posts by moderators? Thanks

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    IPL is now betting, it's not a sport anymore.

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