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    Is it possible to print something like this?

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if it is possible to print something like this:
    I suppose the 0,15mm thickness is not achieveable, but with supporting material underneath, what do you think could be the smallest achievable thickness (depending on material, anything goes)?

    Following up, would it e possible to print such a form with 1mm strength?

    I'm fairly new to the subject, but curious.

    Thanks for any answer!


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    If you can print it... It won't have any structural strength. But if you just want it to show in a meeting (and tell people to be very gentle with it as you pass it around), you can do it.

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    If you use a 0.25mm nozzle with 4x layer thickness you will achieve it at 1mm wall, then it is doable!
    If you make it through SLS, 0.7 layer thickness is achievable.
    My advice is to print the positive mold, and create your own small vacuum former

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