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Thread: Strange Things!

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    Strange Things!

    have just changed over to ASA filament and have an odd thing happening. I’m printing the same part over and over, making slight changes to either the bed temp, print head temp and/or print speed. Every part comes out with the same flaws in the same place on each. It’s as if the printer is skipping or changing the speed at the exact same location on each print causing the imperfections. As I’m very new to 3D printing, I assume it’s some setting I’m missing?
    I’m running a Monoprice Select V2 in an enclosure. Have tried print tempts from 235 to 250, the latter being too hot, and bed tempts from 90 to 110. 90 appears to be the best as I have no issue with the print not sticking but it sticks too well at higher temps. Layer heights: first .3 then either .1 or .2 on the rest with little difference in finish. Small detail degrades as the print goes higher.

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    what slicer are you using ?

    And have you changed the settings for layer start point ?
    also pictures would help :-)

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    Didn't know that was an option. The brim does have a bit of a bump in the first few laps but then straightens out. I'm using Cura. I'm out of town till late Thursday but will post an image when I return.

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    The piece on the left is ASA. On the right is PLA. The pieces are .7” OD by 3.75 tall. Wall is .8mm and they are hollow from bottom to top.WIN_20180412_23_00_08_Pro.jpgWIN_20180412_22_58_26_Pro.jpg

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    I did new test model to see If possible the first one was corrupt. The blemish appears to be with the printer as the same anomaly appears in the new model. About 3/4s of the piece is OK but the rest is as you see in the images. It looks to my untrained eyes as if the printer is under extruding right where it makes the reverse to go the other way round. This print is 20 mm OD and printer with ASA at 240c, bed at 95c in an enclosure. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing here?
    test cup 20mm.jpg
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