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    Controlling fill grain direction

    Using the Replicator 2X in the lab and having difficulties. Prints won't stick without the rafts (I hate rafts) and I have printed several parts that look great but the rafts are fused to them and this is a critical no no for these parts. There's no better way to orient them, I suppose unless I flip them over and use a bunch of supports. I would rather not on a lot of these.

    Currently trying to print with a raft to part offset of 0.2 mm after a 0.1 mm offset still fused and a 0.3 offset wouldn't lay the first layer correctly. Now it has dawned on me that no matter what way I try to orient the part on the build plate, that the grain direction of the first layer is always the same as the top of the raft, so no wonder I am having such a hard time dislodging it! But I can't see any way to change the direction of either and I'm pulling my hair out. Can anyone recommend a solution? I don't understand why the software wouldn't automatically have the first floor of the part go against the grain of the raft....

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    what material are you using that you need to use rafts ?
    Also bear in mind that rafts work because the printer uses a thick first layer.
    So you can just make your first layer thicker and print it slower and usually that'll work without having to use a raft.

    Haven't needed one since I gave up on abs some years back.

    Also what slicer are you using ?
    Simplify3d will let you adjust angle and direction of infill to anything you like. Probably has similiar functionality with rafts - but as I don't use them, don't have any experience with that aspect of s3d.

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