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    Question for Administrators

    Why is this site so heavily filled with advertisements? The postings are printed with line lengths of 1 or 2 words and you have to scroll down many feet to get to the end of some threads. I haven't been here long but this site is not viewer friendly. Do you not care or is the money from the advertising more important than the people who post here? I will continue to look for a more user-friendly site even if it has less info.

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    cwaa, I am not an ADMIN, but I also noticed that. If you widen you web browser, the problem goes away.
    Just my opinion, but it is a free site with a lot of great information here and some pretty smart folks participate, so a few adds on the right side from the sponsors does not bother me.

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    I use an adblocker to make this site viewable, it's over the top with the ads :/

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    Unfortunately the site was started purely as a money making enterprise, so from the point of view of the site owners - the threads are secondary to the adverts.
    Nothing we can do about it.

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