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    Zortrax G-Code conversion and ZCode patching

    Just in case that this isn't known yet, some links to my tools:

    RaftAway (raft removal, extrusion/speed/retraction patching)

    g2z (G-Code to Z-Code conversion)

    ZTool (all the features of RaftAway and g2z plus preview, support removal, fan profile display/export/import, patching of temperatures/offset etc.)

    Profiles for G-Code conversion (basic, mainly meant as starting point)

    All the tools are in Java, should run on any platform that support the Java Runtime (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
    There's always a short manual in rich text format (RTF) included as well as Icons for Windows (*.ico) and MacOS (*.icns).

    Have fun.

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    Updated g2z to 1.0.4 and ZTool to 1.0.5
    Added support for Z-PLA Pro, Z-ASA Pro and firmware 1.1.1.
    Reduced minimum extruder temperature to 160C

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    To continue my monologue:

    Fixed issue with empty retraction commands created with newer versions of Z-Suite.
    Improved ZCode support for Inventure.

    Added option to increase distance between raft and first model layer.
    Separate speed setting for 1st model layer.
    Fixed: export dialog didn't keep/display setting from previous export.
    Fixed: export dialog didn't offer PLA and ASA profiles and therefore changed profile name to ABS.

    Removed the <=10 layers check and improved error/warning messages.

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    Hello, just wanted to thank you for the z-tool. Z-Suite is ok, but it is really lacking in certain features, and it is nice to have an alternative. I tried and already successfully printed several parts using s3d->z-tool path. I really like that s3d is much better at handling corners. Z-Suite always puts a seam into a corner and those corners are always bulging out. With s3d-Ztool corners are much better. The only parameter I needed to adjust was the retraction, which was set a bit too much at 2mm. I reduced it to 0.5mm.

    Is it at all possible to get the source code for the z-tool, or at least data on the zcode? i would like to make some improvements. Yes I can still do it in g-code before sending to ztool, but would be nicer to have fewer steps in the process.

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    Sorry, I haven't checked in here for quite a while.

    Regarding infos on ZCode or releasing the sources: I'd really like to do this and if it was only about me, I had done this in 2016 or so when I started my efforts.
    Unfortunately, the people at Zortrax made quite clear that they would not tolerate publishing details about ZCode and until that changes, I feel obliged to honor our truce.

    BTW: I updated ZTool to 1.0.9c and g2z to 1.0.6

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    BTW: does anybody here own an M200 Plus? I haven't found the motivation yet to implement support for the new ZCodeX format, but it looks like it would be pretty easy to add. It's just that I can't really be 100% sure that a patched/3rd party ZCodeX file would be accepted by the printer just because it's accepted by Z-Suite. Well, I would think so, but you never know.

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