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    Strange artifacts in print

    Hi, i have a corexy printer that i have a problem with. When i print a test cube i get strange marks left in some of the layers on every side of the cube. I have included a pic to show these marks and have tried several different settings, software. If anyone can give me a hint at what might be causing this problem i would be much appreciated.


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    going to need some information, we're good but not psychic :-)

    What slicer program are you using: and with what settings, temps, speed, filament type, layers travel speed, print speed etc

    The more information you give us, the better the chance we can spot the problem.

    Off the top of my head I'd say, try printing a little slower, and set the travel speed the same as the print speed.

    There's nothing serious there, but looking nat it I'd say it's possibly a speed issue.
    Printer manufacturers like to quote maximum print speeds. In reality most printers print best at 40-70 mm/s - not the quoted 100+.
    Also fast movement can cause artifacts as the plastic is still soft when the extruder dashes away.

    Also while the printer can theoretically print really fast, the filament might not be able to flow fast and clean enough to match the print speed.

    Without some actual information - this is just pure guesswork :-)

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    Ca's probably right.

    But it could also be intermittent under-extrusion. It just doesn't lay down enough plastic from time to time. Since the pictures are all on one side, I'm assuming the issue only occurs on one side. Check to make sure you filament isn't being restricted in any way when the head reaches this area. Any type of jam my pull on the filament and not let it feed smoothly into the head. Also make sure your roll is spinning freely.

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