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    Quote Originally Posted by ajayseo1 View Post
    On a more serious note I personally think that post counts and titles inhibit people when they are considering replies, it can seem daunting to contradict or dispute input from people that are apparently knowledgeable about any subject.
    I kind of agree with this thinking... And just to take your thinking to a little bit more extreme position to help us consider ideas, think about this:

    The 3D-Printing world is so complicated and evolving very fast. I do a lot of work in the Marlin code base. I pretty much know my way around the code base and can go after what ever problem is causing me trouble. But right now, I'm fighting some instability in the PID algorithms for controlling the nozzle temperatures. I am sure other people have worked through the issues and could help me if I could just connect with the right people.

    But I most certainly don't want to post a brain dead question on something fairly well understood that is an older topic like PID instability. So... I don't post. Instead I spend 4 or 5 hours working through the code and figuring out how to resolve my issue.

    I would love a way to ask an anonymous question without having to generate a bogus account to hide my identity. Of course there are problems with this idea and probably it doesn't make sense. But every once in a while, I would like to get help from the community without anybody knowing that I needed help.
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