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    What would make learning about 3D Printing & Design fun for you?

    There's always talk about how teachers could use these skills in their classes, but I really don't see many students talking about why they want to learn, and in what ways they would like to learn.

    Any students out there who either have a printer at their school, or want one, what kind of things would you want to see being taught in the classes?

    From you, as a student, what would make the class better? More interesting?

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    This topic is very interesting for the student because the student can get information here about 3D Printing & Design.

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    When I was a student - I would love to have 3d printer at school. But they actually became popular thing when I was already working with them. It's really interesting and fun thing to do in school. There should be classes.

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    What kind of student are we talking about? College, High school or middle school? I once visited Autodesk and they did workshops for kids and teenagers. What was cool was that there was a printout sheet with instructions (much like Lego) and they could pick from a few different models. The objects where things that they would want, like a iphone stand for a table, a fish with bearing rings and a back scratcher. I think what you make, and also that its not too time consuming (30mins or so) is crucial to not loose patience.

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