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    Pollen Unveils Pam, Professional Delta Style 3D Printer

    After five years of R&D, the France-based 3D printing company Pollen has just unveiled their professional-grade delta 3D printer, Pam. The 3D printer will be capable of printing with four different materials at once, mixing two materials on the go, all while reaching a high resolution of up to 40 μ. Pam is currently available for pre-order for €8,000, and will be shipped around April 2017. Read more at

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    Ohhhh that's a nice piece of hardware. The ability to use granular material would be a huge asset to a custom molder like us, who has granular in house by the thousands of pounds.

    I just wonder if it has a particular size limit on the granules, as they come in different sizes. It would be fantastic to be able to load our 4 most commonly used materials into that. Glass filled polypropylene, HDPE, acetel, and leave the 4th canister available for dried nylon.

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