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    MakerBot Academy's 3D printed Frog Dissection Kit

    Makebot Academy is at it again. This time they have released a 3D model as well as detailed lesson plans for a frog dissection kit:

    The kit includes the frog body, as well as 6 organs, which teachers can 3D print and allow students to dissect. This should be just the beginning of what Makerbot hopes will be a series of educational prints the company will be releasing for free on their Thingiverse website.

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    LOL, what will they think of next. I have to admit this is a pretty good business strategy for Makerbot, kinda like what Apple did with education in the late 90's and early 2000's. they provided macs to schools to get the kids hooked. Seems to have worked well.

    I do feel we are in for a major paradigm shift in education, and this is some of what will make that shift up.

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    Is it me or does it seem like MakerBot is trying extremely hard to come up with things that can be 3D printed, to entice people to buy 3D printers? 3d printers, right now are only for a certain type of person. Not until they can print in more materials at once will they catch on among the masses.

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