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    World's First Robotic Exoskeleton 3D Printed

    This is probably one of the more remarkable stories as of late. 3D Systems has printed out the world's first hybrid robotic exoskeleton, and it works like magic.

    The device has allowed a woman to walk after 12 years in a wheelchair. 3d Systems teamed with Ekso Bionics for this project.

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    This is exactly the type of mainstream news which will take 3D printing into the mainstream.

    I have to say this thing looks pretty advanced. 3D Systems branch out and offer this type of thing to people.

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    Impressive, although I'm still waiting for my human augmentations a la Deus Ex.

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    This is really incredible. Here is a video of the Exoskeleton that was just posted on Youtube by 3D Systems Yesterday. It really explains the process used:

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