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    Electron 3D Prusa i3 Kit - $265

    Electron 3D has recently unveiled a New sixth generation Prusa i3 3D printer kit and has teamed with 3D printers Online Store to offer a flash sale which almost seems too good to be true. Priced at just $265, the kit also comes with a free 8GB SD cards a 3D printer filament spool holder and two spools of filament. The sale ends tomorrow even so you must hurry.

    The machine is feature-rich including it's heated build platform and automatic bed leveling capabilities. More details on this offer can be found here:

    Below is a picture of the Sixth Generation Prusa i3 by Electron 3D

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    Thumbs up Almost Good Printer, Terrible Service

    Posting this here because of the character limit on the website:
    TL;DR: After over five months of arguing with customer support, I still cannot print anything.
    This could be a good printer, but for me it’s a waste of time and money because of the terrible customer service, which is incapable of dealing with anything more than the simplest of issues, and on the few occasions that they do agree to help, they do not fulfil their promises.

    Long Version:
    I got the printer in October, a few weeks after they put it for sale. Despite the the printer does look good, and the assembly is solid and easy, I got it with a number of issues, all of which have yet to be resolved despite me spending many hours via Skype with their technical support team:
    1. I paid the extra 60$ for the height sensor, but all I got was a printer equipped with basic microswitches. When they shipped me a sensor, some 6 weeks after I first told them about the issue, I got a sensor that they admitted could not be used with the model of printer that they had sent me, and thus could not be used. More so, they claim that the factory which produces the height sensors has some technical problems, which means they can’t send me a working sensor. I have yet to be repaid for the feature.
    2. The microswitches that came with the printer don’t function properly, in that all three of them often don’t actually stop the head from trying to move past the home position, which causes damage to the printer itself.
    3. The bed assembly, which is shipped separately from the vertical frame in the same box, arrived to me with a distinct warp, which means not only that the printer does not lie well on any surface which I place it, but it means that levelling the bed is impossible, as the Y rods themselves appear to be warped. After many months of trying to talk to the company, they finally agreed to send a replacement five weeks ago, and they claim to have shipped it out on the 20th of January, three weeks later. Since then I have tried to reach them every day via Skype to at least get a tracking number, but they have yet to respond.
    Also, while their support team supposedly has 24/7 service, three of the five times that I managed to schedule a Skype meeting with them, they either didn’t show up, or asked to delay the meeting yet again. Beyond that, even when they did promise to ship out parts, sometimes the very same day, they tended to do so only after a number of weeks had passed, and only after near-daily inquiries on the matter.
    In summary, if the printer arrives to you on the first shipment perfectly, then you would likely have a decent printer for the price. However, if there is even the slightest problem with it that requires shipping some part, you can expect to spend months without a working printer.

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