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    3D Print This Rainbow Maker

    Thingiverse user and maker Marcio Teixeira set out to create a 3D printable device that could paint simple pictures with light, but ended up with the Rainbow Apparatus. The Rainbow Apparatus is a simple lamp that uses red, green and blue lights to demonstrate the concept of additive colors for a physics classroom. It is constructed from several 3D printed parts, the primary colored lights and a simple power supply. You can read more about the device on

    Below is a photo of the Rainbow Apparatus setup casting shadows:

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    Brian, thank you so much for featuring my design on your website and Scott, thank you so much for the excellent article!

    If any of your readers are in Northern Colorado, I'ld like to share that the Rainbow Apparatus and several of my other shadow casting lamps will be exhibited at Artworks Loveland starting this Friday and through August 28th as part of their Creator/Maker/Innovator exhibit.

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