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    Artis's Giant 100 Cubic Meter 8-Axis 3D Printer Under Development

    Germany-based Artis Engineering has been working toward the idea of integrating 3D printing technology into their engineering and construction operations. The company has a KUKA Quantec at their disposal, a huge CNC machine that has a build envelope of 150 cubic meters. Additional applications can include 3D printing, and Artis Engineering aspires to 3D printing on a large scale -- up to 100 cubic meters in size. While the technology is still experimental, ultimately objects as large as an entire car could be printed in one piece. Artis Technology even plans to create a heated bed that would counteract potential warping issues. Find out more in the full article:

    Below is a photo of Artis Engineering's KUKA Quantec 3D printing:

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    Did they say how they got the filament? Did they extrude their own? 14kg spools of PLA don't seem to be very common.

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