Mercy Ships is creating hospital ships, and in 2018 will christen the world's largest civilian hospital ship, the Atlantic Mercy. The massive ship will be 174.1 meters in length -- but now we can see a 3-foot-long model of the ship. Hans Nelson, a graduate engineering student at LeTourneau University, made a 1:176 scale model of the new ship, which he and LETU engineering dean Dr. Ron DeLap presented to Mercy Ships on January 28th. David Wright, another LETU graduate student, created the CAD model for the ship from 2D drawings. Nelson then printed the ship in more than 80 pieces using the school's PolyPrinter Plus FFF-based 3D printer. Check out more details on this intricate ship model in the full article:

Below is a photo of Mercy Ships director of corporate relations Russ Holmes accepting the 3D ship model from Hans Nelson: