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    Does the Quality of the print always make it better?

    I just printed something in standard print and it was not good so I put the quality on high and it came out worse than before? Why is this?

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    Layer thickness has a big effect on the visual quality of the end product. What's the difference in layer thickness between standard and high on your printer? Also remember that post-print finishing also is a factor in visual quality. You should consider acetone vapour, sanding, or,if you are adventurous, electro-plating

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    To add to what OME said, layer height alone is not the sole determining factor in print quality. It's not even the biggest factor. Speeds, temps, material, and machine all play a HUGE role in final output. based on your comment of standard to high quality I'm going to hazard a guess that the layer heights are .2 and .1mm respectively. Not all machines can print .1mm with any level of success. I know my ffcp definitely prefers .2 to .1 based on my current settings but I haven't bothered to work towards .1 anyway because .2 is plenty good for the stuff I print.

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    Also to add to this. The filament absorbs water in time. During printing the print may get little bubbles and craters. When your not printing you should store it so that it is kept dry as well as something to remover the water from the air. Both PLA and ABS suffer from this.

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