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    GCodePrintr Version 2.0

    Do you have a desire manage and oversee your 3D prints using your Android smartphone or tablet? Well, if you haven't heard of GCodePrintr before, you may want to check it out. Today the company notified that they have released an upgrade to the app. Version 2.0 features many important new features and changes which can be found here:

    The application is currently available at the Google Play Store for $4.13 and has received rave reviews thus far, generating a 4.7 out of 5 rating. Let us know if you have downloaded this app, and leave your feedback below.

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    I think it was part of the solution proposed by ORD for the rova 3000 to print without PC. Don't know how it turned out. Perhaps their users can comment.
    From the pictures of the UI, it don't seem to allow multiple extruders which is not very useful when priming.

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