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    $1 Million Prize for First Human Liver 3D Printed

    Although this was announced a few weeks ago, it seems to have been looked over by most media outlets. Perhaps because the prize is only $1 million. The Methuselah Foundation has announced that they are offering a $1 million prize for the first organization to successfully 3D Print out a functioning human Liver. It's called the New Organ Liver prize. Think you have what it takes to print out a human liver? Well here's the pdf about the prize

    In my opinion the Xprize foundation should jump all over this and offer a larger prize, perhaps for a human heart!

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    Ha, looks like there might already be a winner pretty soon (

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    Of course they are saying they will have it done in 2014. It will scare away the competition. I doubt we will see a 3D Printed functioning Liver for several more years.

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