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    Sintratec Announces New Aluminum Composite and 2 Other 3D Printing Materials

    Sintratec Reaches Crowdfunding Goal, Announced Three New Materials

    Remember last month when Sintratec launched on Indiegogo? It's a laser sintering 3D printer which starts at under $4,000 in kit form. Well, today the company has reached their Indiegogo crowdfunding goal of $175,000. To celebrate they have just announced three new powder materials for their machine. These materials include black nylon, a shinier nylon material, as well as an aluminum, polyamide composite. Below is a look at two of the new materials, with the middle one being the original Sintratec material. Further details on all three new materials can be found here:

    Let us know your thoughts on Sintratec, their crowdfunding campaign, and these new powder-based materials.

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    The link is dead. Can you provide a god link?

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