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    Slic3r, Makerwre, or S3D?

    I have been using Makerware 2.4 since I have got my printer a few weeks ago. It is pretty simple to use, and I do like that about it. I have only recently pulled out Slic3r, and comparing it to Makerware (the only slicer I have used sofar) it is quite a bit more and quite a bit of the option's I'm not so sure about, mainly because Makerware is a lot different and doesn't give you the option's to change any of these things.

    As much as I love how easy Makerware is, I feel like I am missing out on a lot of way's to improve my prints. They usually come out pretty decent, but I am looking for way's to prepare my file better for a better end-result. Also S3D main selling feature that I have noticed is the very customizable support system. Obviously the $140 price tag is the main issue with S3D, but from every review I have read and checked out, they all believe it is worth the price tag.

    If slic3r is a better option for me, do you happen to know of a great tutorial about setting it up and the options on it for the FF? I just purchased a digital caliper, but I'm not seeing anywhere to input the avg of the diameter in Makerware also, is that not a option for it? I'm very close to purchasing S3D because of a few review's, but I almost think Slic3r would be a better option to learn. Opinions?

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    i have been using s3d for a year and a half now. its the only slicer i use. i tried slic3r a long time ago and wasnt crazy about it. im sure it has come a long way but so has s3d. currently the only thing that other slicers have an advantage on is dual extrusion. s3d just isnt there yet with that but i talked to clayton a few months ago and they said that this next update will be almost totally focused on dual extrusion updates and additions. the support system is fantastic and really easy to remove. currently no slicer is perfect. they all have their little quirks, strong points, weaknesses and s3d is no different. once you use it enough though, you will get really familiar with how it works and slices and what to expect. it gives you a ton of control over everything. the percentage of dissatisfied people that buy it is very small. they will give you a 2 week refund if you dont like it. for what we pay for our printers and cad software, atleast for me its $140 well spent. if i was you though i would not use one slicer to learn on then jump to another. get a good one and stick with it. you will learn on one then need to start all over again making new setting profiles. the settings and features of one slicer are not the same as another. even though they may be called the same thing and even function in the same way, the math on how the gcode is calculated is totally different so a .9 extrusion multiplier in slic3r isnt the same as a .9 in s3d.

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